James Kaye Releases His New Single "Colors"

Produced by Sean Ross & DJ Swivel



Sep 21, 2018

By Emmanuel Maduakolam

West Coast native James Kaye drops “Colors,” a new single produced by DJ Swivel (Beyonce, Jay-Z, The Chain Smokers) and Sean Ross. The track is the second single off of Kaye’s forthcoming EP Wish You Were Here.

“I recently went on a trip to get away for a while and reflect,” he tells HYPEBEAST. “While traveling, I sort of embarked on a ‘spiritual journey’ through the jungle, which to me is basically the setting of the song. This journey made me especially think back on my relationship with the woman I love.”

He continues, “When I pictured her face, she had all these wild colors all around her, almost like one of those snapchat filters or something. When I came back to record ‘Colors,’ the song was practically already written in my head.

Stream the record below.